Le Giornate della Polizia Locale

Nivi Credit present at the Palace of Congresses in Riccione, as every year, with E.M.O., the leading service in the management of notifications of sanctions abroad. More than 600 Municipal Police Headquarters use the EMO – European Municipality Outsourcing which allows to the Public Administrations to quickly resolve the problem of the notification and collection of high penalties to foreign nationals.

Every year, Nivi Credit undertakes to present new services and products to Riccione. This year's important novelty is Nivinform, the fully developed in-house platform, which makes it possible to assess clearly the economic and financial status of any company or physical person, from the verification and interpretation of official data to the collection of unofficial information with high added value in Italy and Wordlwide.

Finally, representing the Smart City & Technology area of the Nivi group, there is HeadQuarters, a simple, intuitive, yet incredibly innovative tool for the management of all the technologies useful to Control the Territory: Video Surveillance, license plate reading, access control and Smart City Solutions such as Smart Lighting, Parking Management System.