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Privacy & Cookies


The EU Regulation 2016/679 is to ensure that the processing of “personal data” is carried out whilst respecting the rights, fundamental freedoms, and dignity of individual, with particular reference to confidentiality and personal identity.

Nivi SpA, carrying out the activities related to the "HeadQuarters" service (website, gives notice that is need to acquire data via contact form, voluntarily filled out by the interested persons in their capacity of users, potential customers or suppliers.

With reference to such data, the undersigned company guarantees that:
  • the processing is guided by the principles of lawfulness and fairness and it’s carried out in full protection of the rights of the interested party and its confidentiality;
  • the processing covers personal data that are essential for carrying out the activity of management and extrajudicial recovery of debt;
  • the processing’s purpose is an efficient management of credit claims of our contractors against the interested party;
  • when the assignment is completed, the interested party’s confidential data shall be kept only to enable the correct fulfillment of legal obligations by our company and in order to report, where necessary, the work done. In any case, once the assignment is completed, the data of the interested party shall be removed from the availability of the officers, who shall no longer consult them;
  • the data are processed by manual means and/or computer tools and, in any case, our company guarantees the full compliance with all the precautionary measures of their security and confidentiality;
  • without prejudice to the right of our company to acquire information through third parties, in accordance with REG. EU 2016/679 and with Measure of the Supervisor for the protection of personal data within the debt collection (November 30th 2005), the submission of data by the interested party is optional. The possible refusal entails the failure of warrant and the possible institution of judicial proceedings for the juridical recovery of debt;
  • data are stored and processed in our headquarters;
  • data may be transmitted to:
      a) clients/contractors;
      b) Public Authorities requesting them or that need to give information in according to specific obligations of law;
      c) companies belonging to the same business group.
  • under the conditions laid down by EU Regulation 2016/679, the interested party may exercise the following rights:
      - art. 15 right of access of the interested party;
      - art. 16 right of correction;
      - art. 17 right of cancelation;
      - art. 18 right of limitation of use;
      - art. 20 right of data portability;
      - art. 21 and art. 22: right of opposition and automated decisional process relating to natural persons.

For the purpose of verifying that the conditions and the modality of exercise of the above mentioned rights have been met, please refer to the full text of mentioned provisions, available on the website: .
We hereby inform you that, whenever you think the mentioned rights have been violated, the existing legislation allows you to lodge appeal to the national Authority of Control.
The Controller of processing of data of the interested party is the undersigned company.
The Responsible of protection of data is identified by the society SC Net S.r.l., contact person Guido Sola, Lawyer, available at the email:
Further information, including contacts of any possible responsible of processing, may be requested by the interested party by written communication to be sent to the following address:

Nivi SpA
Via O. da Pordenone, 20
50127 Firenze
tel. + 39 055 344031
fax +39 055 3440335

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