Video surveillance abandonment of trash


Clea-N is our video surveillance system that allows the cities to counter the improper abandonment of waste, through a solution that combines the technological component, in line with the Privacy Policy in the field of video surveillance, and the service of support for the detection and notification of the sanctions issued.

Clea-N in addition to guaranteeing the revenues deriving from the credit collection, contributes to the citizen's education in the field of waste abandonment and the image and reputation of the Public Administration.

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Specifically designed for combating the improper abandonment of waste, it is able to read the license plates of stationary and moving vehicles in any context.
Equipped with video analysis technology, the camera detects the abandonment by signalling each event on the video stream, thus reducing the detection time. It is also able to be managed and monitored remotely as well as to warn in real time when an abandonment occurs.

The mobile video surveillance Kit can be used in any atmospheric condition: designed to be placed in the area to be monitored, it is supplied with an anchorage cage.
The management software allows to extrapolate, even remotely, images coming from the reported events.
The double battery makes it efficient for 5 days.

The service is supplemented by the support for the collection of the administrative penalties issued, the core-business activity of Nivi Credit, in compliance with the regulations in force and in the terms required by law.